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Rural Briefing on the Technology Transitions

  • Washington, D.C.

Last week, in Washington, the Rural Broadband Policy Group, Center for Rural Strategies, and Public Knowledge invited policymakers, their staff, and stakeholders to a briefing about the various policy issues implicated in the technology transitions, and how these transitions impact rural communities.

10,000 Friends of Rural America

The Center for Rural Strategies is part of a national coalition supporting stronger rural communities, smarter rural policy, and more opportunities for small towns and big cities to work together for the common good.


2013 Rural Assembly Highlights

The June 2013 National Rural Assembly brought together over 200 rural advocates, leaders, policy officials, and funders to discuss what a truly inclusive nation looks like.  Can we imagine a national narrative that celebrates rural, suburban, and urban interdependency?  One that values rural America’s contributions to the health and wellbeing of our nation?

The Future of the Appalachian Economy

Dramatic shifts in the economy of Central Appalachia have counties looking for a new direction.

A series of reports on the Center for Rural Strategies’ Daily Yonder examines changes in the regional economy, such as the drop in coal production, price and employment.

The series has followed the evolving discussion about the rural region’s future and raised questions about the best way forward.

Follow the series here.

Save the date for the 2013 National Rural Assembly

The next gathering of the National Rural Assembly will be held in the D.C. Metro area, June 23-26, 2013. Registration will open up in April. 

As in the previous gatherings of the National Rural Assembly, rural leaders and advocates will work to bring rural issues to the fore and examine policy solutions that address the opportunities and challenges of America's 55 million rural residents.

Because of our close proximity to the Hill, we plan to devote a chunk of our time to appointments with policymakers and other leaders.

Stay tuned!


Katharine Pearson Criss Becomes Senior Fellow


The Center for Rural Strategies is pleased to announce that Vice President Katharine Pearson Criss will begin work as a Senior Fellow of Rural Strategies in 2013, trading vice presidential duties for a stronger focus on rural philanthropy and the study and creation of foundations in the United States and around the world.

Romney Surges with Rural Swing State Voters

In the second National Rural Assembly Poll of 2012, Republican Mitt Romney expanded his lead among rural, swing-state voters to 22 points, up from 14 points in mid-September, just before the first presidential debate. Read the news release from the Center for Rural Strategies.