A Place in the Country

A Place in the Country is a one-hour television documentary, narrated by Ray Suarez, that examines the impact of seven rural community development organizations located throughout the United States. A Place in the Country aired as part of Appalshop's Headwaters television series.

In every region of the United States, rural community development organizations are building on local assets and initiative to help small towns and rural residents improve their economies and quality of life. These community-based organizations are making a difference in the lives of thousands of Americans by providing

  • affordable housing, 
  • jobs, 
  • educational opportunities, and 
  • access to capital. 

The documentary features the voices of residents who are building on their rural values to adapt to changing economic and social circumstances that both threaten their communities and provide opportunities. Also included are comments from national leaders about the importance of rural America in the nation's health and the unique role of rural community development organizations.

Copies of the video have also been distributed to every member of Congress and hundreds of community, state, and national agencies. The video had its premiere in Washington, D.C., as part of a gala event sponsored by the Congressional Rural Caucus and the Stand Up for Rural America Network, an association of more than 1,000 rural community development organizations.

A Place in the Country is a co-production of the Center for Rural Strategies with Appalshop and Rural LISC.