Broadband Advocacy

Rural Broadband Policy Group

The Rural Broadband Policy Group is a national coalition of grassroots, regional, and national organizations that work together to create better broadband access for rural America and other marginalized communities. Rural Strategies established the group in 2009 with two primary goals:

  • To articulate national broadband policies that provide opportunities for rural communities to participate fully in the nation's democracy, economy, culture, and society

  • To spark national collaboration among rural broadband advocates.

The group is founded upon four principles:

  1. Communication is a fundamental human right.

  2. Rural America is diverse.

  3. Local ownership and investment in community are priorities.

  4. Network neutrality and open access are vital.

The Rural Broadband Policy Group petitions to the Federal Communications Commission, Congress, and individual state representatives against policies that place rural communities at a disadvantage. The group has historically advocated to protect net neutrality, rural landline service and access to 911, and more. The group also hosts public briefs, workshops, and summits and hearings to discuss rural communications issues.

The group also publishes Rural Broadband Tales, a digital campaign featuring a collection of stories from rural people about their experiences getting access to and using high-speed Internet.