The Center for Rural Strategies’ goal is to help establish a rural America that is more connected and more inclusive through work on strategic communications, coalition building, public information campaigns, and public policy.

Our work focuses on the intersections of areas including economic development, healthcare, broadband, the environment, climate, education, transportation, and immigration. Through working across this broad range of issues, we believe that more just and equitable policies can be crafted.

In this work, we produce and distribute media, create coalitions that cut across sectors and geographies, commission research, and conduct public information campaigns. Our organization is built on alliances with like-minded institutions, nonprofits, and social change activists.

Our major ongoing projects include the Daily Yonder, a digital news platform that covers rural news for a national audience of rural residents, advocates, policymakers, and journalists, and the National Rural Assembly, which works at local, regional, and national levels to build more opportunity and better policy for rural communities across the country.

Rural Strategies also creates strategic messages and communication principles for nonprofit organizations, policymakers, and philanthropies.

If you are interested in working with us, through direct consultation and coaching, workshop-style small-groups, or plenary presentations, please contact us at